The CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is used to manage everything that the Maintenance Department does in the easiest way possible.

The main aspects that the CMMS system deals with are:

  • Employee management
  • Technical assets management
  • Work planning
  • Work order management and preventive maintenance
  • Failure reporting and management
  • Control over orders
  • Plant warehouse service 

Employee management should contain information about the company's employees, along with their data and about employees of external websites. It should be possible to assign a specialty to every employee in the company. The system of certificates, licenses and training of employees employed in the company will certainly be a facilitation for the system managers. The system should automatically inform you about the dates of expiry of the certificates or the need for further training.

Technical asset management should enable the construction of multi-level device structures and shape visible relationships and dependencies between the assets. The CMMS should guarantee the ability to easily search for devices. Each device in the system should be associated with work orders and spare parts lists.

Work planning - CMMS should enable the possibility of planning the scope of work for a specific employee for a longer period of time. The Agility system enables work planning based on a graphic planning table, which greatly simplifies the entire process for the managing person.

Work order management and preventive maintenance - each newly created work order should contain all the data required by the company. The system should also guarantee the possibility of creating a work route, planning warehouse or non-warehouse parts for a given work order, configuring checklists or adding documentation in the form of an attachment. The creation of standard jobs, which are a kind of template for creating work orders, can be an additional facilitation.

Reporting and managing failures should be as simple as possible for the reporting person, so that they take as little time as possible. CMMS systems facilitate tracking changes in the status of the notification and can provide automatic flow of information via e-mail.

Control over orders - CMMS systems allow you to create orders in various ranges. In CMMS Agility the ordering system is quite extensive and provides the ability to generate orders for work, cost centers or the device. We have the ability to create large contract orders and add to them smaller orders resulting from a large order, which speeds up the ordering process and reduces time consuming for the managing person who does not have to participate in the process of generating smaller orders.

Warehouse service is an extremely important element in the maintenance department. CMMS systems monitor inventory, inform about the need to order specific goods and control movements within warehouses such as issues or returns, about which information is stored in the systems.