SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a type of IT system that is designed to control the course of technological or production processes in companies.

The term SCADA defines the master systems over PLCs. PLC controllers are directly related, among others with sensors and are designed to capture data from them. Then the data goes to the supervisory system (SCADA).

From the above content it can be concluded that SCADA performs specific tasks, which include:

  • maintaining a database with information on technological and production processes
  • data exchange with PLCs and I/O modules
  • real-time processing of acquired data
  • generating reports
  • data archiving

The use of SCADA systems in the enterprise in most cases guarantees financial savings, thanks to the observation of data obtained from the sensors. Data archiving from all production equipment in the enterprise gives the possibility of better production planning and faster error finding.