Maintenance services play a very important role in the production company. In the past maintenance engineers were treated as people for removing machine failures. Currently the maintenance department is responsible for controlling the operation of machines, dealing with the prevention and inspection of equipment.

The costs of stopping devices and thus stopping production are enormous which is why prevention and frequent inspections are extremely important to minimize the risk of machine breakdowns. The maintenance department should also check the contents of the spare parts warehouses because during a machine failure it may turn out that the damaged part is not in the warehouse at the moment and you have to wait two weeks for its delivery. This situation should not take place because it significantly extends the downtime of the device and thus increases the costs caused by omitting the machine in the production process or, in the case of a critical device, stopping production.

We can distinguish three main maintenance strategies:

  • Preventive - preventive maintenance strategy consists in creating schedules and setting dates for inspections and repairs. This is the most commonly used strategy.
  • Operation - this strategy does not use a schedule or schedules, and does not carry out inspections and repairs, and actions are taken when a machine breakdown occurs. The advantage of this method is low initial costs, however the risk of failure is increased.
  • Predictive - involves collecting and analyzing data, which allows you to determine the probability of failure occurring in a given period, and to estimate the cycle between failure occurrences. This allows you to determine which elements can be worked out and which must be replaced to avoid failure in the near future.

To support and improve the work of maintenance engineers computer systems have been created that are increasingly used by enterprises. An example of such a system is CMMS Agility. These systems guarantee access to all information about the machine park, give the opportunity to report on failures or current faults and allow staff management. One of the main advantages of this type of system is the ability to control the warehouse and devices in the enterprise by creating structures and adapting them to the system.