Agility is a modern EAM / CMMS class IT system for maintenance teams allowing management of technical equipment and work.


EAM / CMMS AGILITY is new generation system, based on a web browser, providing all the necessary functions needed for complex management of company's technical property, and internal work of maintenance teams and external service companies. EAM / CMMS Agility system perfectly passes the exam both in large, multi-branch corporations and small businesses increasing their effectiveness through improvement of their business processes. The main emphasis in designing AGILITY was put on its flexibility. Management of maintenance services is able to fully adjust product to their specific needs. 

CMMS Agility system SUR

AGILITY is a tool created in Microsoft .NET technology, which allows you to gain remote access to the system and exchange data from every place in the world as long as it has access to the internet. AGILITY is an effective way to simplify operations and increase efficiency of repair and maintenance services. System is flexible platform, which can adapt to the ever-changing business expectations. Forget about overly-complicated and costly IT systems. AGILITY is easy in use and set on flexibilty.

Unlike other costly and hard to use products dedicated for maintenance services, EAM / CMMS Agility system can be used by all users with the help of simple web browser interface, which can be adjusted to their specific needs. Additionally cost-attractive concurrent access licensing system allows to get with little effort, effective tool for maintenance teams that meet highest standards - including legal requirements, requirements of ISO standards and health and safety requirements. CMMS AGILITY system allows to display information in all languages included in it in real time.