With AgilityMobile, all employees equipped with smartphones or tablets can receive quick updates of the company's workflow - directly to their devices. This results in a significant improvement in real-time performance and affects quality and team collaboration. AgilityMobile is a quick, simple solution that guarantees access to the CMMS Agility system in places where there is no access to a computer, both at the company's premises and outside it. This ensures full use of CMMS Agility system functions on a mobile device, anywhere with Internet access.

 increase in the efficiency of HR services

Benefits of installing AgilityMobile:

50% shorter reaction time of the maintenance services
15% increase in the efficiency of HR
60% lower administration costs

The easy-to-use interface allows you to minimize accidental clicks on unwanted functions.

Easy access to all the necessary functions of the CMMS Agility system on our mobile devices and easy handling of the work orders.


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