Versatile - CMMS AGILITY works very well in many different industries and types of activities, ranging from manufacturing companies, through transport, to hospitals.

Agility is a universal system, the emphasis of which is placed on key problems in the field of service management, which is why it works well in many industries and forms of activity, wherever there is a need to monitor the condition of machines and devices. Implementations in the automotive, food and logistics industries confirm the universal advantage of the Agility system.

Easy to use - CMMS AGILITY is very easy to use. The intuitive interface makes employee training and implementation very short.

The advanced functionality of the system supports the user at every level of service. The relevant scope of information is provided to the employee in an appropriate manner, including a graphical representation of the key dynamically refreshed indicators. The main screen with configurable dashboards can be adapted to the needs of each individual system user. Thanks to this, all the necessary data for an employee is included on the main screen.
benefits of using CMMS Agility


  • High consistency in the navigation means that interface of user is the same in the entire system;
  • KPI can be configurated on the main system screen giving current view of main statistics related to the repair services;
  • Fast filtering, sorting and setting the order of columns.

Inexpensive - Thanks to the high adjustment of the system to the actual needs of the enterprise, the cost of implementing Agility is a fraction of the cost of other overly complex EAM / CMMS systems.


  • Attractive licensing methods based on the number of concurrent system users;
  • Low costs of implementation,
  • Low costs of training courses for users of Agility system,
  • Favorable offer of the subscription when Agility system is instaled on our servers.

Mobile - Directly assigns tasks and work orders to technicians in real time. It uses mobile devices using GPRS, a radio network or synchronization via a docking station.

CMMS Agility can be used by anyone who works on a PC or other device that supports a web browser. There is no need to install any additional software. It is a simple, effective and cost effective solution. It allows you to manage reviews and work orders by planning them more efficiently. External employees, subcontractors and contractors can provide and receive real-time information while the work is in progress, which means faster service.

Safe - Logging into the system through a unique login and password and HTTPS protocol.


  • Application of encrypted protocol as well as other security measures prevent any unauthorized access to the system.
  • It is possible to assign permissions to individual system functions and objects.
  • Extensive configuration system for user account security against unauthorized login.

Integrated - Possible integration with other systems, e.g. ERP class.

The EAM / CMMS Agility system was created to cooperate with other systems in companies. Integration is necessary if the company has several different types of management systems. The cooperation of systems and the exchange of data between them is crucial. This will significantly accelerate the work of the enterprise and allow you to fully control expenses and the company's warehouse management.